About Us

Welcome to Birchbury, a place where tradition meets innovation. Our journey began with a foundational belief: that footwear should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also natural-feeling and supportive of overall foot health.

Birchbury reimagines the concept of barefoot shoes for today's discerning individual. 

The Birchbury Story

In 2019, Birchbury was founded out of a personal necessity and a visionary ambition by Matthew Tran. The inception of Birchbury was not just about creating another shoe; it was about revolutionizing the way we think about footwear. Matt's journey into the world of shoe design was fueled by his own discomfort and dissatisfaction with traditional footwear options. Despite trying various brands and styles, from casual flip-flops to high-end dress shoes, he found that most shoes caused pain and restricted the natural movement of the feet.

Determined to find a solution, Matt's quest led him to explore the concept of barefoot shoes. However, he quickly realized that while they offered comfort, they lacked in style and quality. This revelation sparked a pivotal moment: Matt decided to take matters into his own hands.

Combining his engineering background with the skilled craftsmanship he encountered in Vietnam, Matt set out to create the Bramford, Birchbury's flagship sneaker. The Bramford was designed to defy conventional shoe norms by offering a wider toe-box, zero-drop sole, and using premium materials, all while maintaining a sleek, professional appearance.

Not long after, we created a dress shoe with the same amazing features with our Brenston shoes.

Birchbury stands as a testament that footwear can be both comfortable and stylish. It represents a departure from traditional shoe design, embracing the principles of natural foot movement and health without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Find out more about how Birchbury was founded in the video below: